Server Virtualization

What Do You Need to Know about Server Virtualization?

What is Server Virtualization?
Server virtualization is one of the hottest topics today. It refers to the process of creating several virtual machines that run on the same hardware. This process can occur through full virtualization, para-virtualization, and OS-level virtualization. Choosing which of the three you should use depends largely on what your needs are.

In server virtualization, there’s what we call the “host” or the physical machine where you put your virtual servers or the “guests”.

Why would you need this?
One of the reasons that make server virtualization an important aspect of company operations is the fact that it allows different applications to run without any issues all at the same time. This had been a problem before. If you run such applications in a computer, there’s a high chance that they won’t work so well.

The most common solution before was to dedicate a machine for every application. Although this makes it easier to troubleshoot problems, there are several things that make this approach impractical.

One, it takes up a lot of space.

Let’s say that your company is doing well. It only makes sense that the operations will only get bigger and more complicated. This means that you will be requiring more from your servers. If you went with dedicating a machine for every server you need, then you would only be needing more server computers, requiring more space and more power.

Another issue you might want to look into is you’re not really maximising your machine’s processing power, making server virtualization the best choice.

Benefits of using server virtualization

Backup server

Companies benefit from server virtualization because it allows a backup server in case something goes wrong. The last thing you want to happen is for your business to halt operations because your server failed.

Through server virtualization, you’re ensuring that there’s another capable server that can replace it.

Less expenses

We mentioned the issue of space when you’re using multiple machine. However, when it comes to its hardware there’s another thing to consider: it wouldn’t take much longer before you would need a new one. Why? Because they easily get outdated.

You notice that almost every year there’s something new in the market, something better than the product released a year before. That’s because the world is always innovating and your server machines are not an exemption. By putting different virtual machines in one hardware, you’re minimizing the cost of buying multiple newer products.

Although it has its limitations, server virtualisation can really improve your daily operations. Not to mention how much money and resources you’ll be saving. If you need professionals who can provide you with more information regarding how the process of server virtualization looks like, feel free to give us a call.


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