Insight to Firewalls

Firewalls are your network’s security guards. Security guards block, inspect and lets through who is authorized to go through. The same goes for firewalls.

A firewall can be a hardware or a software that secures the network from unauthorized packets and threats to the network. A firewall can also be a guard to protect the network from unsafe internet users and threats.

The traditional firewall that filters packets inspect information and it’s sender, the route of the packet and the receiver on the other end. Firewalls can also filter programs from accepting, transferring or sending information that are sensitive to the network.

There are some firewall software that can provide more than one feature in protecting and defending the system from threats outside of the network. There are some firewalls that companies can use to improve job performance and productivity in the workspace.

The firewall has two types: the client firewall and the appliance firewall. Client firewalls are used for solo computers, usually for only one user. Appliance firewalls cater to the whole network – generally speaking. This is because the appliance firewalls filter from the internet to the computers within a group of networks.

Why is a Firewall Important?

It is important for a network, especially in larger companies, to have firewall. This is in order to prevent certain unauthorized people from accessing data and information that are above their pay grade or does not concern them.

Firewalls also prevent the workers to slack during office hours by preventing them to access websites that have nothing to do with their job descriptions. A firewall can help a company govern how the worker can use the network.

It is important to have a firewall in the network since its job is to basically keep everything bad for the system and the network out of the entire system.

There are viruses or ‘bots’ called worms and trojan horses. These threats are one of the quietest and most dangerous threats there are on the internet. This is because they enter the network as quietly as possible – the user would not even know it’s there.

The firewall protects the network in this case – so the bots do not enter the system. The firewall will filter and block every malware data in the packet it inspects.

Using a firewall in your network does not only protect you, but protect the whole system from being compromised. This includes open ports and unrecognized IP addresses in the network.

The Help You Need

Downloading, installing and running firewalls in a network is harder than it sounds. The basic procedures can easily be applied. Yet, to have a firewall in full function and all systems up for protection, it is not easy to apply such technical procedures.

DS GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY can provide the services appropriate for your requirements with the firewalls and your other infrastructure requirements. There are network engineers and analysts that will be available for consultancy as well, should you have any queries to make. Make sure to give us a call and set an appointment.


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