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Our IT System Integrator Services

System Integrator Singapore

Your company is growing. You now have more tasks, more complicated problems to solve, more people to meet. These things are taking up all of your time and you can barely attend to other smaller things. What’s more frustrating is nothing is as organised or efficient as you’d like it to be. Do you know what you need? A system integrator vendor.

What is a system integrator vendor?

In a nutshell, a system integrator vendor consolidates all of your company’s subsystems into one unit and makes sure that they all work seamlessly. Needless to say, they are an integral part in maintaining daily operations. They are professionals with considerable knowledge not just about software but also hardware engineering. Skills in designing and synthesising systems architecture are also a must. 

What is our role as your system integrator vendor?

We customise integration solutions based on your needs and preferences. It usually includes designing your infrastructure system and system server. What does this mean? It means that we’re going to work closely with your people: your IT professionals, accounting department, admin staff, management, etc. We work with these different aspects of your company operations, our main goal is to put it all together. 

What can we do for you?

We offer our services to different industries and each solution varies widely according to the company’s unique needs. However, we generally provide interconnection solutions and technical support, design storage systems, setup controls to different components. For our other services, we offer the following:

Server Infrastructure Services

Learn how server virtualisation can really improve your daily operations

Network Infrastructure Services

Our network solutions services handle all the network groups within the company

Enterprise Storage Solutions

DS Global will present you the platforms best suited to your specific requirements

Cabling Solution

Additionally, we are cabling specialists – network or telephone wiring

Unified Communications

Unified communications has found to have significant effect on how employees collaborate with each other


Firewalls are your network’s security guards. Security guards block, inspect and lets through who is authorized to go through

How to Find the Best System Integrator Vendor in Singapore

We lay down this guide to help you choose the best system integrator in the area. 

Ask about their track record

When hiring someone, it’s never a bad idea to bring up their track record. A good system integrator company will be more than happy to brag about their achievements. Ask about their past clients and how they approached their needs. You can also ask for references and/or documentation to verify any of this information. 

What’s their working process

It’s good to know first thing whether or not the working process of the agency you are planning to hire fits with yours. You can ask questions about their flexibility, how they approach problems that you may encounter, their attitude towards possible delays, etc. Asking for a timeline for a generic project will also give you an idea how they do things around here.

Support after the project

It may not be enough to ask what you can expect from them during the project. It’s also important to know how they are going to support you once it’s done. The best system integrators will not leave their clients right after they’ve done their part. The transition period is a crucial stage where your own IT department and other staff will test the performance of the systems. Therefore, it’s important that your system integrator offers post-support services. How long does this usually last? It all depends on how complex the system integration is.

What’s next?

You now have prospects, how do you go about hiring them?

The whole process starts with having a consultation with the system integrator agency. This is where you express your concerns and give out your questions about what you want to know about their services. With DSGlobal, we will, of course, talk about your company and your needs and preferences. We can discuss the different aspects of the projects. We are going to take into account all of your requirements so we will be ready for the next step. 

After agreeing to the terms, learning what you need from us, and clearing out what you can expect at the end of this project, we will get on with the designing stage. This is where we plan out how we are going to approach your system integration needs. After finalising the design, our specialists will finally execute the plan and test it out for optimum performance. Maintenance services can be offered to make sure that everything is running smoothly.

So there’s that. You now know the basics about system integration. If you want to know more, leave us a message or give us a phone call.



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