Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony

Internet Protocol (IP) Telephony and What It Can Do

The Internet Protocol Telephony or IP Telephony is a system used in voice-over communications over the internet. The IP Telephony uses the internet connection to exchange information like audio, fax and other forms of communicative data. It is in contrast to the traditional usage of circuit telephones.

Communication and information technology companies may find it expensive and a rip off to use the traditional circuit telephones. Traditional telephones have expensive start-up costs and requires a higher investment cost to make calls. There is also the advantage of cutting consumption of time and effort for only having one network.

The IP telephony is packet-based and can make use of the advantages of good internet services to make and receive calls. The internet and its advantages can be used because of the data and voice usage-capabilities of the IP telephony.

In choosing information and communications methods, the company could use the efficiency, functionality and features that the IP Telephony offers.

Businesses use improved conference meetings, messaging and improve productivity of the call centers in relation to customer service through this innovation. This is a great save for costs and does improve understanding and productivity in the workforce. There are personalization benefits in the IP Telephony system such as optimizing the buttons for certain complex functions in just one press.

The Devices Needed in IP Telephony


IP Phones; the sending or the receiving end of a call, message or fax


Gateways; serves as the terminal point to translate the communication of the traditional telephones and the IP telephony components


Proxies; handles the management of the information between the sender and the receiver in the system

The IP Telephony system improves the operations and productivity of a company, regardless of the size of the business, and helps in reducing the needed manpower in the office.

The Help You Need

It is important to keep in mind that the IP Telephony system have the user-friendly features and tools that would make the workforce more productive. The administrators of the system need to have full control of the operations over the network.

DS GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY Singapore can help improve your systems and network, with better insight of the IP Telephony system. We provide services for information and communications technology, improving a system for full performance and totally complex integration.

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