Insight to Routers

One of the tasks that need professional network engineering is setting up networks in offices and enterprises. Where do you start? Start with a router.

A router is, basically, a networking device that transfers or forwards data packets, computer to computer, computer to the internet. In other words, a router creates a network of computers.

In an office where there could be more than a few computers used – a router helps in creating the network group and distributing the internet connection to the computers within the network.

What Can Routers Do?

When information needs to get to another destination, data packets are used by the Internet Protocol (also known as the IP) to transmit data through an online connection. It is then received by another computer on the other end. This process is possible through a network device – the router.

When a router is connected to a modem, it duplicates the address of the modem in order to receive internet service in its network. A router would then, assign IP addresses to the computers connected to it. This is to give the computers objective identifications in the network.

When a computer is connected to the router, through an ethernet cable or wirelessly, they will also be able to receive internet service.

With the router, you can share files and documents with all the users within the network you are connected to.

How to Know Which Routers is Needed

In search for a router, you will find yourself faced with different designs and numbers and letters. Routers were produced, and improved over time – which results to the different models, units, bandwidth, functionality and technology. Some are outdated, there is a generation that is adaptable and upgradeable and there are new technology routers.

Consider the following factors when purchasing a router:

Purpose of purchase; how big is the office, how huge is the network needed, what is the internet connection needed for
Router generation; updated and latest units/models – improved UI, better features and up to date processor
Bandwidth; supports dual-band to tri-band and more
The Processor and Memory; handles smart home requirements
Supports USB 3.0; faster data transfer
Modern UI for computer and mobile; user-friendly features and manageable settings
Use this as your checklist when you are considering which router to buy. It will help in making decisions as well. It will also be a good reference to consider when you consult specialists regarding the router concerns.

The Help You Need

There are huge changes and diverse growth happening everyday in the IT field, which require trained professionals to complete certain tasks. DS GLOBAL TECHNOLOGY Singapore provides services for your ICT requisites in Singapore to benefit business growth and evolve improvements and transformations.

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